Maintain your solar system with Fast Electrical Solar & Data

Identify Problems Early

One or our FAST specialists can identify any issues before they happen. Fixing a problem with your system can save you money on repair costs, and you will be able to rectify any damage before the issue gets worse.

In Queensland, for example, more than 200 fires from September 2010 to July 2015 were the result of faulty DC isolators, inverters and wiring connectors in solar panel systems.

Regular servicing can ensure your safety: A solar power professional will check electrical components for signs of water damage and corrosion, which could pose a significant risk to you and your family. A specialist can even check the condition of your roof and recommend a solution if a problem is identified.

Ensure Safety Of Your Solar System

Rooftop solar is a cheaper option than grid electricity. However, if you want to continue to make savings, regular solar system servicing is imperative.

At Fast Electrical Solar & Data, we’re accredited by the Clean Energy Council and are proud to be Master Electricians. We’ll carry out a full comprehensive check of your solar power system that includes cracks and defect inspection, dust and dirt removal, and an electrical component test.

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